Hairstyles can be a signature to your persona or define a change in style and it’s no mistake they’ve always made for a trending topic in any setting; whether it has been half shaved sides to long locks covered in soft pastel ombre’s and balayage, hair has always been and always will be a major accessory for personality and style definition. This Sprummer (yes, I said Sprummer) it looks like less is more when it comes to making a mark with your looks. I’ve set out four major looks that bring edge and can be customized to fit your personality as our days get shorter and night’s get longer this season.


The Sharp Bob

The bob which was once a trend attributed to the conservative woman, has become the face of trendy hairstyles in 2016. Complemented with some layers for dimension and highlights (or even bold tones if you’re feeling lucky), you are guaranteed to make a statement with the blunt cut with subtlety.  9 out of 10 times this is one short hair style you can’t go wrong with.

Two Part Cornrows 

The age old look that us school girl’s used to rock on the playground is making a severe comeback. The style is easy to learn, and can be dressed up or down depending on where you’re headed. With some of the biggest names rocking the two part braid (sometimes 4-5 plats if you’re patient) the casual chic cornrows have been opted out for lengthy hairstyles. Slick down the edges (don’t force them to exist) to complete your look.



Minnie Mouse Buns

Another youthful trend which some have been experimenting with online are Minnie Mouse buns, the style takes about 5 minutes to complete and requires no heat damage to your hair. You can make this look playful and messy or slick it down for a sharp finish.


The Sleek High Pony

A timeless classic which was once used predominantly for formal events has now become a day to day look without the hassle of having to completely style your hair in an up-do. The sleek high ponytail calls for sophistication but can be worn with just about anything from an Adidas tracksuit to a tight body con dress.



The best part of all of these hairstyles is they require little to no heat with your hair to complete your aesthetic. Keeping things natural has never been easier, these four trends are a perfect combination of style and simplicity with enough versatility to make you stand out if you chose to customize your look.