More Life -Drake

We’re beginning to wonder if it’s possible to make a hit list without seeing Drake’s name making an appearance on it (the answer is probably not).

The “Fake Love” creator seems to be treading lightly on the social media grid while he tours Europe on his Boy Meets World Tour, but none the less has kept himself very relevant by dropping hints slyly that he is closer and closer to finishing his highly anticipated album More Life. With 3 new singles currently charting from the up and coming project with very different vibes, no one’s too sure what to expect since the 6God took over Summer 16 with a number of charting hits from “Views”, regardless of how you feel about his catchy hooks and emotion filled singles, word on road is everybody is holding their breath for what Graham has to deliver on his latest project.

I Decided – Big Sean

If you were sleeping on the Detroit native, we can guarantee you that you’re wide awake now. I Decided comes as Big Sean’s fourth studio album which is currently reigning on the almost every major music chart. After years of having his work undermined, the under dog has now become the big dog and Big Sean’s made waves in the hip hop community. Fans of the Don have been arguing Big Sean’s hard to match flow and quick wit would be the base of his success and surely enough after a long stretch, the Def Jam rapper can now say he’s gaining the credibility he’s worked hard for by letting the world in on his struggles and growth as an artist. I Decided dropped February 3rd and is available on every major music sharing platform now.

Plata O Plomo – Fat Joe and Remy Ma

Did anyone else ever think we’d ever get a taste of a Terror Squad reunion ever again after 09? I guess dreams do come true because 2 out of the 9 pillars to one of hip hops legendary rap groups have come back together to bring us more hits. After seeing the crazy success of their single “All The Way Up” sit at charts for weeks on end, fans of Fat Joe and Remy Ma are that much closer to the debut of their combined album Plata O Plomo which Fat Joe explained essentially translates to money or bullets, which you can take how ever you’d like to…I don’t know about you but we think we’d rather hand over the money if it means we get another project out of these two.

Fin – Syd

Following the success of Ego Death while being a part of the music collective, The Internet, Syd has debuted her first album as a solo artist titled Fin. A step into pop music with strong R&B vocals and trap input, Fin is being praised as one of the easiest listens of 2017, though this project came as something light to the vocalist, fans all over the web seem to have taken a strong liking to it. The 12 track discography is now available on all major music sharing platforms for streaming.

The Chief – Jidenna

Jidenna slipped under the radar for sometime after dominating the air waves with “Classic Man”. You may have hated or loved him for the single, but regardless Jidenna is making himself very comfortable in the music industry having announced that he will be releasing his debut album The Chief set for February 17th, 2017. With a strong background in producing and a heightened sense of perfection in style, we’re sure that this album will be one we talk about when it makes it’s way to our libraries.