Rapping is not exclusively bound to men in the music industry, though it is widely dominated by them. Female MC’s are nothing new and these days the number of women on the 1’s and 2’s putting in work is on the rise. Some more than others have made their position known and play their part by getting to the studio and grinding just as (maybe even harder) much as their competitors. Here’s a list of 6 female rappers who’s growing fan base and stand out style should keep you on the lookout in 2016:

Artist: Lady Leshurr

Best Known For: “Queen’s Speech” Series

Lady Leshurr is the quirk and quick wit the rap game has missing hailing straight from Birmingham, England. After going viral online with more than 3 million views from the success of “Queen’s Speech 4”, the Caribbean MC found herself gaining traction at levels some can only dream of. She’s cut no corners and took the long road building her fan base and staying true to her sound rather than signing to Atlantic records on a questionable bid in 2013, the sacrifice was clearly worth it as now she is one of the most notable female rappers in the industry at the moment. Leshurr, though small in size has a big bite and her presence has been made known on the field, keep an eye out for this one in the upcoming months as she continues to put in work.

Artist: DonMonique

Best Known For: Thirst Trap, “Pilates”

New York thirst trappin MC DonMonique has learned how to master the art of seduction in combination with giving vocal heat. The Brooklyn queen describes her music as “trappy but at the same time it’s cute and it’s sexy” hence the inspiration for the debut mixtape’s title. Her eclectic street style makes her overall set even more alluring with DIY looks that have started to become widely imitated on platforms such as Instagram. Only 20 years old, this baddie MC has plenty of time to get to the money and is going for a little bit of everything and then some.

Artist: Kamiyah

Best Known For: A Good Night in the Ghetto

Oakland rapper Kamiyah has been making waves past the Cali border, obsessed with the old school 90’s R&B vibe her sound is reflective of Cali cruising top down beats of the nostalgic era. What makes Kamiyah stand out is the authenticity of her sound and effortless flow, straying away from generic party boppin tracks Kamiyah will have you hooked on a unique sound which exudes confidence. With shout outs from notable artists such as YG and Too $hort it’s only a matter of time before Kamiyah’s impact is made as an MC and everyone wants in on a collaboration with the “Out the Bottle” creative.

Artist: Cupcakke 

Best Known For: Overtly sexual tracks, went viral with “Deepthroat”

Cupcakke is the female rapper with a serious “wtf” factor, this raunchy Chicago MC seems to have lost the filter long ago and isn’t afraid to let the world know it. Her “slurper” stans are a one of a kind fan base which has accepted her empowered and sexually provocative sound. At first listen, you may be humoured or question whether or not she’s serious because this is a woman who doesn’t hold back, but Cupcakke is 100 and has a message for the people that they need to hear. Even though tracks like “Deepthroat” and “Vagina” get to the nitty gritty, Cupcakke has show she has a message behind the madness on tracks such as “Pedophile” dealing with real dangers young girls should be aware of. Cupcakke is raw and uninhibited which is more than refreshing from an MC in our time, if you’re ready to get sexually liberated this is your go to girl with her jaw-meet-floor factor.

Artist: Nadia Rose

Best Known For: “SKWOD” and “D.F.W.T”

Recently signed to Sony for her quick time success and impact in the online rap community Nadia Rose is sliding onto the U.K. music scene with ease. Cousin to grime rap leader, Stormzy, this family is one which evidently has no problem with showcasing their talents in and out of the studio. The 23 year old Croyod rapper has an infectious personality and came up out of nothing, her sound is distinct yet takes to the likes of artists such as Missy Elliot with wit and banter in every line. With an EP dropping this September and a few visuals she’s strung along the way Nadia Rose is making her voice known in and out of the UK.

Artist: Cardi B

Best Known For: Sweeping the internet with her humor and realness, starring on major reality TV show Love and Hip Hop New York, popularity of Gangsta Bitch Volume 1

Cardi B won the internet’s heart with her crazy humour and real talks when she used to be an exotic dancer constantly posting videos about her life experiences on varying social media platforms. The New York rapper made her debut on reality TV series LAHHNY putting her internet fame on full blast for fans all over America to show support of the up and comer. It’s LAHHNY that would shine light on Cardi’s inspirations to ultimately become a full time MC. Though we’d not seen much of what she could pull off, in 2016 Cardi would drop her first mixtape, Gangsta Bitch Volume 1, which sent the web into a bit of a frenzy. “Foreva” is hot track for the summer off of the tape that’s got a lot of people seeing the potential of the 23 year old artist to get her shine and make an impact in the industry.