This weekend, OVOSoundRadio premiered their 23rd episode for Apple Music users worldwide and we all knew something special was coming when it was set to be hosted by Drake and mixed by OVO’s Prince, Roy Woods. The rumour mill was buzzing on what exclusive content Drizzy would bestow upon us Saturday night; earlier this summer the Views creative let fans know during a Zane Lowe exclusive that the 20 track album was only the beginning of his blessings for summer 16 and that he had plenty of music on the way to top what he was already set to release. As the OVO fandom has come to learn, Drake has utilized social media platforms with his latest drops to hint at the features which will follow all of his projects and EP 23 was no exception. Throughout the day, Drake and artists such as DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber posted photos across their accounts counting down the hours until OVOSoundRadio went live hinting at new music, if you missed out on this surprise filled event, no worries,  here are 6 of the major moments from this weeks stream.


1.Back on Road – Drake feat. Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane hasn’t even been out of prison for more than 3 weeks and everyone is already clawing to have him on their next single. Leave it to Champagne to get first dibs and team up up with the Alabama rapper alongside producer Murda Beatz for a seamless entry back into the rap game. Guwop hasn’t lost his touch since he’s been gone and the internet snapped when the new track was dropped on EP23 and definitely set the bar high for this live stream.

2. 4pm in Calabasas – Drake

Recently NYC rap legend, Joe Budden, was caught in the crossfire for saying that after listening to Views he felt that Drake sounded “uninspired” and was less then impressed by Graham’s efforts, but after the debut of “4PM in Calabasas” this weekend it seems that opinion may have changed. “4pm in Calabasas” is rumoured to be a diss track directed to Bad Boy’s Diddy and Budden as Drake goes in on the art of development and being challenged by some of the greats. Inspired by Puff and Ma$e’s “Don’t Push Me” this single is a banger and had the people talking about how Heartbreak Drake hit pause to show the game he still has a bite in him.

3. One Dance Remix – Drake feat. Justin Bieber

Two of Canada’s faves came together to bring OVOSoundRadio a few blessings on Saturday for the One Dance Remix. Drake let the reigns go on his Billboard 100 hit “One Dance” to let JB, who’s become an R&B favourite since the release of Purpose, put his twist on the reggae pop track. Bieber who’d played the track partially at a nightclub earlier last week had been hinting of the mix for some time,  but things were made official when Drake dropped the OVOSoundRadio embellished poolside image via IG and now Beliebers and OVO fans have come together to sing praises for the first remix of the summer favourite.

4. Roy Woods dropped 2 new singles

Roy Woods definitely hasn’t been quiet this year when it comes to the music the 20 year old gave us “How I Feel” and the “Skrrt” Remix just a few months back, but when given the chance to shine again he did. When it came time for him to take over, Woods debuted a new dancehall single “Gwan Big Up Yourself” (co- produced by Toronto’s FrancisGotHeat) and an eerie listen which gave a vibe Woods fans may be more familiar with titled, “Why” (produced by MurdaBeatz).

5. Roy Woods announced a new project

In 2014, Roy Woods dropped Exis on SoundCloud as his major debut on OVO, since then he has yet to release any full length feature projects but continues to drop singles to keep the people going. During Episode 23, Woods announced that he’s been working on a project set to release for July titled Waking At Dawn. Set to debut as a mixtape it is unsure of whether or not it will premiere via SoundCloud or Apple Music (be sure to follow Woods on Twitter for updates on the project).

6. CMDWN’s Ca$tro Guapo and Fiji made their debut on OVOSoundRadio

Just a few weeks back RegalChiz featured the likes of CMDWN’s golden child, Ca$tro Guapo, as an artist to keep on your radar. Ca$tro who’s been making an impression on the Toronto music scene found his fast tempo “On Road” featuring CMDWN’s bad Boy, FIJI, being played on Episode 23 and all of Toronto was listening in. Support poured in from all ends of the world from Germany down to Ajax once people realized Woods had put up a feature during his mix for the duo, this could mean seriously big things for the creatives this summer who’ve been working to promote their joint project Atlanada.