Just over these past few years, Toronto has been the hotspot when it comes to music and of course the culture has manifested in it’s own spectacular way, but what many are coming to learn is that we have more to offer than a new sound when it comes to the culture. Photography is one of the few creative talents which has created a trendy subculture of it’s own; from street style to roof-toping all the way to concerts, photographers are using their skill sets and camera as a platform to express their capacity to produce magic through a lens. These days photographers in the 6 have built their own world and fan base by giving a perspective of the city some may never get to see. Here are 6 of the cream of the crop coming out of T.Dot who’ll help upgrade your Instagram feed with some crazy visuals.

  1. AMillionMinds – Nathalia Allen

Centennial College graduate and creative director Nathalia Allen is all about vibrance and crisp cut imagery. The extremely experienced designer has worked with a number of brands across North America, from Karmaloop to Nike and her resume is evergrowing. Currently running her own company (AMillionMinds), the creative identifies as a “multi-talented creative director and photographer” who’s making her own way and constantly trying out new things with a number of flawless series.

2. MontanaMartz

Torontonian taking over Cali, Montana Martz, is only 18 years old and living out a lifestyle some can only dream of and showing the world experience has no age. Her visuals are stunningly vibrant and range from concerts and festivals all the way to simple portraits. She’s shot some major names such as G-Eazy and Skrillex in recent months and seems to be making California her own playground, we can only expect more growth and beach vibes from the up and comer this year.

3. GuacGod – Zak Nuttall

Formerly known as the 9th Dynamic, Zak Nuttall aka the Guac God has made quite the rise in the past year for his cold visuals. The rooftop hoping scenic guru is all about the dark and dreary when it comes to the city. Often caught travelling outside of the GTA to explore other cities, the creative is taking over and making his presence known, one aerial view at a time.

4. VisionElie – Elie

Not new to the game but constantly developing and delivering new content, VisionElie is notoriously known for jaw dropping shots of the city and covering all access to some of the of most in demand live performances the city has to offer. The worldly travellers portraits at times come off like paintings with enhanced and high quality detail. One of Toronto’s most well known photographers he’s had the chance to work with some major names such as Selena Gomez, the Weeknd, and more.

5. Re.Mark – Sharmarke Abdi

Sharmarke Abdi is your go to freelance photographer when it comes to the biggest hip hop concerts and cityscapes. He’s shot some of the craziest shows front row from OVO Fest to the Weeknd’s Madness Tour. With sweeping visuals that look like they were taken straight out of a catalogue, the quality of his work will stun you every time. With a track record of working behind the scenes for companies such as Hypebeast to NBA Canada, Abdi’s credentials are hard to compete with and his visuals speak for themselves.

6. The.97 – Dragan Andic

Dragan Andic is a hidden gem who’s worked with plenty of Toronto’s urban royalty and continues to make an influence on the visuals of Toronto’s hip hop and rap scene. Ram Riddlz, Roy Woods, Derek Wise, Ca$tro Guapo and more have all worked with the creative on various projects and his moody graphics make his work easy to distinguish from other photographers coming out of TO. For the dopest looks on artists coming out of the city this is the creative to follow.