armen Chizanga, better known as Chiz or Chizanga, is daring to explore what defines the modern day youth and urban culture.

RegalChiz is the retelling and exploration of the urban lifestyle from music, fashion, beauty, and current trends that constantly build and redefine a generation, it’s about creating and embracing artistry that deserves to be held to the highest standard; a place where the creative process and product is heightened and supports exposure to the brand and creative process.

This site features the perspective of an uninhibited 21 year old and her appreciation of variety.

“For so long I’ve felt like the efforts of this generation have been undermined and overlooked, my generation is one which one that’s not afraid to mix, we’re not afraid to have a voice and embrace individuality.

RegalChiz for me is about creating a platform for not only the interest of my own voice, but a voice for “art”, whatever that may be to every creative. It’s about a lifestyle and being un-apologetically kick ass.

It’s not about the gossip or rumour mills or any of the noise that dies out too quickly for that matter;  for me, it’s about the craft and the things which make your interest peak and can’t have an expiry date placed on them. It’s something I’ve invested in because the youth, the culture, is overflowing with thoughts, ideas and dreams they’re not afraid to execute, the things that deserve recognition and to be shared by the masses and like-minds”


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