Ashton Mills is one of the few producers coming into the industry willingly making a lot of noise and demanding respect for his talent. Recently featured on RegalChiz as one of Toronto’s producers to look out for, Mills held claim solely to productions of Detrooklyn artist, Amir Obe’s, “One Night Thing”Surely enough it wasn’t the first or last time we’d hear from Mills and now he’s back at it with an absolutely insane production titled XYLO. From the sound to the cover art this track will give you pure Tokyo Drift vibes, giving you some heavy bass and quick tempo ready for any high speed ride through the city. Mills is just getting started but with the likes of beats that go in like this, we can definitely see him collaborating with some of the most hype names in the industry, from Uzi, Ferg, hell maybe even Travis Scott. XYLO showcases that Ashton Mills is a force to be reckoned with and most definitely a creative we should all pay close attention to.