Formerly featured on RegalChiz for their very distinct sounds, artists Mus Matos and Abir are back on the grid with some long awaited singles.

Hidden gem Abir, is bringing back her powerful vocals on a new single titled “Girls”, still mixing a bit of jazz and house together the track veers into some light pop and R&B making her vocal variety stand out. Abir never fails to amaze with her range and “Girls” is nothing short of another win this time around.

Philly’s, Mus Matos, was last featured on RegalChiz for his jazzy track “Audience”, but “Set It Off” comes as something on the completely opposite end of the musical spectrum. Matos raps over a high tempo deep bass 5 minute track produced by Felix Leone. What’s refreshing about¬†Matos is his ability to not hold back and showcase the potential of his sound to develop and work in other art forms. “Set It Off” has a dark vibe you won’t be able to get enough of and is most definitely another check on Matos’ list of releases.