The world was patiently waiting as Beyoncé set the date for her HBO documentary appearance less than two weeks ago.


Lemonade took the internet by storm this weekend on Saturday April 24th when the HBO short film premiered. What many expected to be a performance documentary turned out to be another visual album from the Texas Bama artist. Lemonade is an hour long feature (now available for viewing on Tidal) co-ordinated by Yoncé and a team with over 100 credentials listed in production. The last visual album came as a complete surprise on December 13th nearly 3 years ago with a completely different presentational aura than Lemonade.

The self titled album, far more sexually pervasive, showcased a different taste of liberation for Beyoncé. As a woman who has been through the motions of marriage in the industry, Lemonade speaks on a personal note of power, politics, and love. Knowles-Carter who’s known for being extremely private when it comes to her personal life comes undone in Lemonade and cracks open a door into her life we’ve never been through before.

The Visual

Similar to her self titled, the visual follows a story line with brief snippets of the songs featured on the discography. With themes such as anger, intuition, and redemption, Beyoncé creates a story line of turmoil endured throughout marriage; from infidelity, to the uncertainty of a maintaing her place beside a husband who’s loyalty is limited, it appears as if Bey is sharing more with her fans than she ever has before. The story line is moulded by poetry from Somali-British writer, Warsan Shire, who intricately ties the visual changes to auditory depth. This “generational curse” of infidelity is the core in Beyoncé’s narrative, for years Knowles has watched infidelity sweep throughout her family and she now too feels bound to the pain which comes with it.  She vocalizes the struggle experienced as a Black woman in the South learning to love herself, and how it has taught her how to be liberated, unmask her demons and forgive.

Of course she can never give us too much to feed off of, just when we felt she was at her ends, B proves that forgiveness and self-healing are the only way to push forward through times of darkness. Whether or not her marriage will turn out for the better, is debatable, but with subtle hints of progress and deliverance things seem to be moving forward in her life, with or without a ring on that left hand. It’s impossible to deny the crisp execution of Lemonade, with huge guest appearances from notable names such as Serena Williams, Amandla Stenberg, Zenday, Torontonian Winnie Harlow, and more, paired with raw creativity, Lemonade oozes Black Girl Magic.


The Music

The visual alone is overwhelming to process but still stands strong on it’s own. It’s only when we listened to the complete 12 track discography that Lemonade really brought us to our knees. This album features the likes of artists such as Jack White, the Weeknd, James Blake and more in production. Beyoncé places pop, r&b, a bit of EDM, and even country on the forefront in every track individually, the versatility behind the production shows the amount of depth and growth which has come from the 34 year old creative.

Some favourites on the web currently are “Sorry”, a badass tale of standing strong when a man can’t hold you down, “Love Drought”, which showcases the hopes Beyoncé has for bringing happiness back to life through the power of love, and “Freedom”, a crazy feature beside Kendrick Lamar which steps up as a voice for the culture.

To say the least, Lemonade is far from disappointing, Beyoncé effortlessly executed the construction of another visual album and has set the standard higher for every creative coming into the industry. This isn’t her first time proudly being woke, but the first time she’s had a solid platform to bring the message to the people. Lemonade speaks loud and clear to the voices which have been muted, whether it be from marital strife or corrupt politics. Once again King Yoncé has left us in awe and speechless, if you have yet to check out the visual piece make sure you get on Tidal today and brace yourself for greatness. The album is also officially available for download on Amazon and Apple Music today.

“I was given lemons and I made lemonade.” – Hattie White