Recently RegalChiz reported dates for the “Formation” album launch credited to Blavity, we didn’t anticipate that within 24 hours of this leak that Beyoncé Knowles would gift Beyhive fans once again, this time with a visual piece and full blown clothing launch.


Just this past Thursday March 31st, Knowles announced the drop of her new clothing label, Ivy Park. If anyone is familiar with fashion they’ll remember that Knowles was a part of startup brand, House of Deréon, alongside her mother and public figure, Tina Knowles. The line which was centred around generations of the Knowles women has now been discontinued but we see Beyoncé dabbling in the industry once again by launching this new active wear line which has become the trend with plenty of urban artists.

The brand is a fitness line inspired by the Houston singer’s favourite location to visit when she was a child and still turns to in times when she needs to be grounded. Ivy Park is a place which taught Beyoncé discipline and strength after hours of free thought during long runs; in the visual piece she claims that the park became her “state of mind” and alludes to consumers finding that feeling of power in the pieces which have been created for the Spring Summer 16 line. The collection is set to release under Topshop, Nordstrom, and Hudson’s Bay Company across North America this April (Pardon us, Beypril).