Beyoncé  has always been known for her variety of talents from singing, songwriting, producing, acting and so forth. Though her career has landed success within several divisions, the Texas Bama creative’s number one skill may be keeping fans on edge.

The long awaited release of her sixth solo album studio release isn’t that much longer, unlike the extravagant self titled mystery drop 2 winters ago, Bey was gracious enough to give us the tea on an April 2016 release date for this project.

Major news source, Blavity, is first on the rumour mill with receipts for a release date. After making a major statement with her Superbowl performance and video drop, “Formation”, the album, is allegedly set to release this Friday (April 1st) on Tidal, and April 8th for the entire world. Not only does King B have features from Frank Ocean (seriously Frank, another feature and no album for us, is this a sick joke??) Adele, Yeezy and more, another video is rumoured to be in the works with Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, and Michael Brown’s family members paying homage to the lost lives of young Black men in America confronting racial issues which have been on the forefront for years now.

ParkWood Entertainment Formation Release Confirmation – Credits to Blavity

It’s hard not to geek over the potential of this production, Knowles effortlessly executes some of the most dynamic pieces and the message behind “Formation” is one which deserves attention on an major scale. The 34 year old talent has always been woke and unfortunately this has gone under represented in media, here at RegalChiz we are in full support of the will and motivation behind Beyonce’s message to address issues beyond the norms of mainstream music for the up and coming production. Stay tuned in on our Instagram and Twitter for updates of this release.