The love for Tobi Aji has always been real, a promising R&B/funk rapper, singer, and songwriter, TOBi’s fruition has been a moment waiting to happen. His ability to combine several musical styles has allowed the Brampton native to distinguish himself as a diverse creator in a realm where some struggle to give more.

Formerly on RegalChiz for his multifarious project FYi and single “iNDECiSiONs”, we’ve been tracking the progress made by Aji. Just last week the 23-year-old announced that he had unexpectedly landed a feature on HBO’s hit TV show curated by the flawless Issa Rae, Insecure. The series which follows the Rae, her close friends, and their experiences through life and love has been the talk of the summer. Dynamic, refreshing and challenging to say the least, Insecure is a must watch and TOBi’s placement of “Hidden Figures”, produced by longtime affiliate Nate Smith, comes as a surprise but highly deserved.  Back to delivering the edge yet smooth style he’s developed, “Hidden Figures” it’s catching the playtime it deserves, you can get a dose of the single down below via TOBi’s Spotify and get into the artist by following him here on Instagram.