And to say the least, he’s not happy about it, but we are. Over the past few days the track “Living Single” has been making rounds on just about every music forum around. Most believed the track belonged to Chance the Rapper as an unreleased track from Coloring Book, but Sean Don took to Twitter to set things straight.

Of course it’s always a bad moment when an artists hard work goes overlooked and credit is not given where due, but it’s no surprised the 90’s filled rap and r&B track was meant for the Detroit rappers up and coming album. An evident tribute to the 90’s TV show following a group of young Black individuals living in the same apartment building, Sean takes a sample from the notable sitcoms intro. Unintentionally or intentionally leaked we aren’t disappointed, fans were gushing over the track which features Jeremih, Chance the Rapper and Smino Brown and definitely gives us something to look forward to for Big Sean’s next album.