Manifesto comes through every year as one of the top festivals held in Toronto, Ontario. This year Manifesto11 is hitting hard from June 8th to the 11th featuring some major Canadian and cross the border creative artists.

Over 4 days the city is consumed by art, music, hip hop culture and the vibrant energy of creatives and like minds joining to create an experience together. Known for it’s versatile youth powered platform, Manifesto has left it’s magic touch on the city since 2007 having featured over 1000 artists, creating job opportunities for thousands and garnering over 50,000 visitors thus far. The community culture and experience has been best describe by the platform as a program which “aims to cultivate multi-disciplinary artistic and professional development for young people and artists across mediums. Building careers, fostering community connections and fuelling civic pride – all while contributing to the vitality of the city we love.” 

From dance showcases, to art exhibits, leading up to a massive concert at Echo Beach, Manifesto has it all. This year RegalChiz will be dropping in and pulling exclusive footage for festival goers to get into the experience of the festivals fourth year, till then we’ve mapped out a quick guide to the 3 day event.

June 8th

June 8th kicks off the festivities with a collaborative event between Practice S42E and Manifesto. Held at the notable Drake Underground, festival goers can attend for free by RSVP’ing well before hand and prematurely slip into the festival vibe.

Shortly after follows the House Party at the Drake Hotel & Sky Yard (rooftop of the Drake) DJ’d and entertained by some of Toronto’s most well known names such as Laith (Hakeem), Killa Kells and more. Unfortunately RSVP is booked up for this one, but entrance at the door for a small fee of 10 dollars is still a go and subject to capacity. Manifesto and The Drake start off Day 1 with a lively essence to bring forward the energy of  a fulfilling weekend to come and have incorporated some of the cities most familiar faces to keep the feeling at home for attendees.

June 10th

The day that everyone waits for features a massive concert and live after party with a lineup of established hip hop creators in the industry. This year the Echo Beach concert brings in the likes of major names, such as headliners Majid Jordan, Jidenna,  and the Internet, Torontonians on the come up by the names of Derin Falana, Sean Leon, Matthew Progress and more, and doesn’t just stop there.  The event runs from 2pm to 1pm  showcasing a full live concert from these artists and surprisingly enough tickets are still available for purchase here starting as low as 69.00 dollars. If you can’t hit Echo Beach with us this weekend be sure to check out @regalchiz on snapchat and Instagram for a full feed, this is one event you don’t want to miss out on.

Be sure to check Manifesto’s HIGH POWER June After Party which goes live right after the live show, DJ’d by the legendary Vashtie, Nino Brown and more to wrap up the night. Spinning Hip Hop, Dancehall, Soca, Afrobeats, Global House and “whatever’s good”, the After Party has become the spot to be this Saturday.

June 11th

To bring in the frenzy of a hectic 3 days, Manifesto closes out with  Manifesto Talks: Vashtie and Che Kothari (Free w/RSVP, all ages) . Hosted at the Free Space in Toronto Ontario, attendees will be given a chance to experience something more intimate and understand the process of becoming two dynamic and multi versatile creatives in the industry. Both well respected in their fields, the duo bring something unique to the hip hop community and have helped bridge ties from photography, to creative direction, down to fashion and design over the years and have compiled a space for the community to come together listen, learn and share.

It’s not too late to get into the festival now, curious minds are invited to click any of the links provided up above to RSVP attendance this weekend and support one of the cities strongest festivals to date. Be sure to follow Manifesto via FB & IG for updates and get ready to be immersed in the culture.