Carefree R&B songstress, Ebhoni, is making her second debut on RegalChiz for a new high energy breakup banger. “Bye Baby” a sweet xylophone, synth heavy R&B Pop track is an ode to a controlling and possessive ex which will have you ready to vibe out and send that necessary goodbye text.

You called like ten times, is you crazy… all these missed calls got me stressing”. “This is too much I need a second, imma call you back hol’ up”,  she melodically chants over the tough beat produced by Torontonian, XELΛRΛIN. Ebhoni hits the mark with another extremely relatable track of a blinding romance gone wrong. The songwriter makes futuristic waves with the short tale as her first drop for the fall since the summer debut of “Eagle” and is currently going viral on the web. Be sure to check out the track down below and to follow the rising star on SoundCloud for more singles to come.