Eli Sostre isn’t one for dramatic show outs when it comes to his music, a clean drop worth his fans time is more of his presentation style. Having released Still Up All Night last winter New Yorks multifaceted producer has continued to up his repertoire with consistency and collaborative efforts alongside a number of producers and artists.

The “Vibe With” producer has debuted “Hold You Close” and “Glass” as a dual drop in anticipation of his up and coming album, which though lined with Sostre’s signature sound, present two very different sentiments. “Hold You Close” produced by the likes of Vinylz, Frank Dukes, Allen Ritter and Soriano is all about lavish living and toxic relationships Sostre has experienced coming up in the game. The track with a shifty energy speaks on how the money hasn’t changed Sostre, only given him access to the finer things though he remains grounded. The track speaks to fears of losing the people who he can’t keep around based on clout which brings him more anxiety on where his relationships stand, an echoey wandering flow puts this song one up to some of Sostre’s previous singles.


A far more dark and hard hitting production, “Glass”, produced by Toronto’s Boi-1da, poses similar content concerning toxic relationships rooted in Eli’s come up. Sostre needs a girl that’s all in for him as much as he’s in it for him, as the track peaks listeners will feel a calm pass the quick beat with synth and drums as Sostre loses desire to wind on in the track. Both tracks off rip are worth a listen and what we’ve had on repeat since the initial drop, be sure to follow Sostre on Twitter for updates on the album coming very soon and stream both single, now available on all major sharing platforms.