28-year-old founder of Gatherr, Emily O’Brien, has been quietly working on something extremely special to her over the past 6 months. The Notorious (Colouring) B.O.O.K, a passion project curated by O’Brien, commemorates the legendary Biggie Smalls on the 20th year anniversary since his passing.

Emily O’Brien worked closely with talented illustrator Steven Twigg in order to bring the vision to life. An avid hip-hop connoisseur, O’Brien let us know she’s looked to B.I.G for years and wanted to pull together something special that would stand out from other Hip Hop colouring books which had preceded this one. Unlike some other work she and Steven had run into, the duo swore to steer clear of creating a project which looked like it had been outlined from Stock Photos for a quick buck. “Each of the sixty illustrations were imagined, uniquely fun concepts that portray a part of his big person”, Twiggs expresses on the B.O.O.K’s kickstarter page.

Having worked on other creative projects such as “The Mixtape”, an accessory inspired product launch on an old cassette she had found a long time ago, and having her own company now,  O’Brien had the backing necessary to push the project. A complete project which features 30 games and 30 puzzles, the Notorious B.O.O.K has plenty of custom pieces for artists to get into, and is officially available on Kickstarter for purchase. Twigg & O’Brien offer the product at varying selling points starting anywhere from 10 dollars all the way to 1,000 each package comes gifted with individualized quirky delivery, whether it be an Instagram shout out on top of a book purchase or a customized colouring book to the highest bidder, there’s something for every price point. Be sure to follow Emily O’Brien on Instagram for future projects and check out the wicked artwork in the Coloring Book.