Visual guru and multifaceted creative, the97 (also known as Dragan Andic) returns to RegalChiz on a new vibe. Featured prior for his stunning 1 on 1 sets with some of Toronto’s most well known faces in the music industry, as expected, the97 is back on site having expanded his visual palette by merging into behind the scenes photography for music videos and tour photography.

In a short period of time the97 has added “Get You Good” by Roy Woods, “Runnin ‘It” by Derek Wise, and “Eternity” by SAFE to his portfolio. “Get You Good” set the ball rolling on the97’s journey in line with videography: “This was my first time working on a video set. It was surreal to me at first, at this moment I knew I had to step up and take my shots to the next level. It was also my first time working with the family over at Kid Studio who I owe a lot to because they have taught me so much in the past two years. Watching them work behind the scenes always inspires me to push myself to take my work to the next level catching up with”  he shared. This experience pushed the97’s desire to work behind the scenes, propelling him to get to work with some familiar faces. I caught up with the photographer to find out more about the impact of transitioning from private shoots into live action.

A RegalChiz Exclusive With Toronto Creative the97

RC: What was the the transition  from solo projects to music videos like for you, how has your perspective adjusted on producing imagery and capturing key moments?

the97: I feel as if the transition was a perfect fit for me and my style of photography because after many solo projects the transition into music video stills and behind the scenes shots was an opportunity to take my work to the next level, it was an opportunity to showcase artists in new environments and capture them in ways people have never seen before.

RC: It’s definitely seems like a challenge learning how to work around someone else’s visual style. What was it like for you to work with 3 very individual personalities and production styles?

the97 (on Derek Wise’s “Runnin’ It”):  I loved working on set of this video because I love working with Derek. Derek is one of my favourite artists from Toronto and a really good friend of mine. His hard work and passion towards his music inspires me to keep pushing myself forward. This video was shot by ZacFacts, who you may know from other videos he has shot like “Low Life” by Future and The Weeknd and “Real Addresses” by Tory Lanez. Zac is an amazing videographer and has a great eye when it comes to putting a video project together.



(on Safe’s “Eternity”): It was great to work with Kid Studio on another project. This video was a game changer for Toronto, the visuals for this video were on another level and watching it all come together behind the scenes was inspiring. I want to give a big thank you to Kid Studio for giving me this opportunity and I am blessed to have a strong relationship with these guys. They are some of the most talented individuals in the city

RC: Now that you’ve worked on 3 projects where it wasn’t solely you and the artist, but yourself the artist, a director and a full team behind them did you find it challenging to present your ideas and capture moments the way you would when it was a more of an intimate 1 on 1 setting?

the97: It was definitely more challenging, but that’s what I enjoy. I always want to push myself and go into new environments and settings where I can put new work out. Shooting behind the scenes for a video is much like shooting a concert, as the photographer, you need to adjust and be focused so that you can capture great candid moments that can never be re-captured again.

RC: How do the experiences of privately shooting versus being on set vary for you since you don’t have the chance to retake or redirect shots and have to pull from where the director/artist is navigating the creative concept?

the97: Shooting behind the scenes for videos is completely different from shooting 1 on 1 with an artist. On a video set, you need to be engaged and focused, you need to always be ready to step in and get that money shot you may never get to capture again. Same rules apply for a shoot 1 on 1, but as a the photographer you can be more relaxed, you can control where you want your subject to be while you take the photo, you can’t position the subject on set, you need to adjust to the movements and scenes of the video.

RC: Now that you’ve ben exposed to videography and doing work BTS is this something you feel will be a major part of your career?

the97: At this point I am open to anything. I always want to try new things, but yes I do feel like working with artists on set of music videos and other projects will be a part of my career in the future. All of the artists I work with, I am also a fan of. I love their music and I definitely want to continue working and creating visual content in the music industry.

When it comes to creating prominent imagery that encompasses the full vibe of an artist’s vision, the97 has mastered the set from 1 on 1 shoots to tour photography and now behind the scenes for music videos. At the age of 19, he has already begun making his impact in multiple industries working with some of hip hop’s favourite names, his lust for life and high ambitions have set him aside from the many faces on a mission ready to let their world be seen. Stay tuned with visual guru via IG and check his portfolio out for more content this year with new projects to come alongside your faves.