Last week Drake’s name was hitting news sources (once again) with rumoured leaks of two new songs from VFT6Controlla feat Popcaan and These Days (which turned out to be a snippet of Drake’s contribution in Babeo Baggins new single) were being passed through just about every major music source online.


Post Controlla and These Days hype, rumours of another 2 leaks have surfaced and we’re wondering just exactly what’s going on at the OVO camp. The two new rumoured releases, Faithful and Tell Me featuring PartyNextDoor, are being taken down from sites faster than they’re being posted.

Bloggers have been speculating that Faithful is an older single which was never meant to to put on the album but has finally surfaced as a potential on VFT6, while others speculate that Tell Me is a guaranteed new sound from the duo following the recent collaborative efforts of Come and See Me. The two singles give us heavy “Take Care” vibes and if they’re any indication of what’s to come on Views, Heartbreak Drake fans are going to be extremely content with the new album.

To top off these new leaks we have an EXCLUSIVELY MAJOR plug from a source who visited upscale Toronto restaurant, Fring’s (known for it’s major OVO co-sign and venture alongside Graham) this weekend. According to our source, the 29-year old creative alongside several OVO camp members such as 40 and Niko dined at the restaurant at a private event where Drake premiered two singles from the upcoming album. Unlike the other recent leaks, these two songs sound like club bangers with heavy bass and upbeat tempos.

From the videos below, it seems that guests who attended the event are quite familiar with the new sound. The private listening where a few songs were played out may indicate that Views is closer than we think, click down below for a listen on the never before heard hits and stay tuned on RegalChiz for more exclusives on the 6God’s highly anticipated album.