These days it’s not enough for an artist to simply have great vocal range or be able to execute something written for them effortlessly, it’s all about really becoming multifaceted if you want to stand out from the rest. New York’s DONAVON, is willing to prove he’s more than a semi talented rapper looking for a quick hit. The ashy clout rapper, is also a producer who formerly worked at E1 in NYC allowing him to become well versed in working hands on with all of his music and creating pieces for other artists as well.

With a few singles under his sleeve already, DONAVON comes to RegalChiz with a new track by the name of “Arora” which steps out of the box and plays it’s own game when it comes to rap music. A track which strays away from your notorious head bangers and bass knockers, “Arora” takes on a far more lofty vibe that will put you into a relaxed state of mind and have you vibing all the way out. DONAVON’s sound is something particularly special since it comes with the touch of ambience and electro which is difficult to execute  when mixing hip hop and rap, but the NY creative gets it.

The single now features a trippy music video to follow the vibe directed by Jackson Tsis who brings back an artistry which is slowly becoming lost in modern music videos. To say the least DONAVON has a unique sound which has the capability to set him far apart from artists coming out of his ends.  Originally written for Jeremih, “Arora” show cases a different side of DONAVON than most fans might be used to from pieces such as “Ridin” and “Darryl Dawkins” which he released under E1 management by the name of Don Scott.  Whichever pathway DONAVON is finding himself travelling, we’re willing to follow behind him, be sure to stay tuned with the rapper via Twitter  and to follow RegalChiz on IG/Twitter for updates on what’s next to come for the creative, till then press play and get into the visuals for “Arora”.