Foundation to Greatness, better known as FTG is a small startup hailing out of the GTA which pushes streetwear with a message. Unlike the conventional streetwear brands which have been popping up in the city, FTG works to promote a message based on hustle, maintaining a strong unit and versatility. Ran by two young creatives with a love for streetwear, FTG was a simple acronym which once described a group of friends as “Fun Time Gang” and would carry on to be their brands name years later. 3 collections deep comes “The Support System” which caters to the company belief that “for anything in life to be successful you need to be inspired and lay down a solid foundation to build on in order to reach success or greatness”. Myles and Trey let me in on a little bit of what The Support System Capsule meant to them and how that’s helped them prepare for Phase 3 of the collection now that the first two have set such a strong tone for the company.


Catching up with the FTG team on what fashion & streetwear means to them


Regal: What inspired your Support Capsule?

FTG Team (Myles & Trey): We were feeling like for anything to be successful you need support from those around you, primarily the ones close to you. So the inspiration really came from our own personal support systems. Also it was our little creative way to let people know we want and need their support.

Regal: Can you give me a bit of background on “City Love” and “Support Your Friends” and the process you took to create those visuals…

FTG: The support your friends and city love collections ultimately have the same meaning, being support. For the support your friends long sleeve we wanted to bring light on the importance of support from those in your immediate circle. We used characters from recess as the graphic for the front of the shirt to really get the point across of friendship. The city love on the other hand was a shoutout to our home town Mississauga and that cities outside Sauga wouldn’t support us until home did first.

Regal: I love the message behind the first two, is there any way you’d be willing to give us a bit of information on Phase 3 of the capsule?

FTG: Phase 3 is going to be very special for us, which is why we are taking our time with it. We feel like this can’t be rushed but it will be worth the wait! Let’s just say both genders will love it!

Regal: How do you expect Phase 3 to make an impact for your brand overall as this capsule closes off?

FTG: We want Phase 3 to make the biggest impact possible! We feel like it’s our time to shine because all the products we put out are thought-out and designed properly. Everything we put out always has some sort of meeting behind it and we encourage everyone to pay attention to that! Phase 3 will also let everyone know that we are a serious brand that’ll be around for a long time.

FTG has plenty to offer from their staple pieces to a wide range of streetwear capsules. With persistence and solid delivery we’re sure that FTG will be the talk of Toronto very soon. Be sure to check out the site to browse current pieces and follow ftgclothinginc on Instagram for updates on Phase 3 of the Support System Collection.