Millennials are burdened with the debts of school, credit cards, poor investments and a lot of interest. These days Keeping up with the Jones’ (Kardashians ???) seems nearly impossible unless you’re willing to sign up for a few Visa credit cards, but what if I told you there was a place where accessorizing your wardrobe and spending money could actually be guilt free and wouldn’t cost you more than a dollar per an item?

No, this is not a drill. I repeat. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Miss A Official, is an American based fashion and makeup company which sells all of it’s products for a dollar, literally 1 dollar. With products made right on home soil and no money spent towards advertisement and marketing, the corporation is able to cut costs and charge a dollar (American) for every single item on their website. Now you may not find a pair of Giuseppe’s on site, but you can pick up an assortment of products from cosmetics to makeup bags for super cheap for quality. We’re obsessing over the Kara Eyelash collection and liquid matte lipsticks on site, prepare for a major haul for all of our favourite purchases this month.

Don’t forget to check the brand’s IG page and their sister company “Off Duty Basics” who sport a mean collection of affordable clothing items as well.