Meet Hanifa the contemporary ready to wear brand geared towards femininity and chic simplicity. Founded in 2011 the online boutique has made it’s way into the fashion world by incorporating versatile yet sleek designs into all of their collections by way of local and international sources ranging from Dubai to New York City.


The brands site missions states that, Hanifa targets your everyday hardworking, bold and beautiful woman who embodies class and a subtle edge. Hanifa is unafraid to set its own rules…the Hanifa team has a grand vision of establishing Hanifa as the best designer line in the world. Hanifa is a breath of fresh air for those who are unafraid to experience something new.” 

Hanifa is almost always sold out in the blink of an eye with each collection. The rising popularity of the gorgeous fresh toned looks which are currently sweeping their way throughout the internet have taken the modern day boss up to standard and given women shapely pieces that will stand out at any function.