Brampton seems to be taking over RegalChiz, with the likes of artists such as Roy Woods, Derin Falana and now TOBi getting to the studio and putting out an assortment of music for the culture, the West end city is nearly impossible to ignore. Tobi Aji, simply known as TOBi is a 22 year old rapper, singer, and songwriter who’s been working his way into the music scene for years now. Known for his freestyles and underground hip hop performances, TOBi is showing us that he can deliver in the studio just as well. “iNDECiSiONs”, produced by Nate Smith speaks a little bit for all of us on a playing field of being fed up with the presence of some people in our lives on a daily basis, and who knew that a tale of tested patience could sound so good. The NSFW track is worth a listen and TOBi’s growing numbers on SoundCloud may just attest to that.