The Prince of Toronto is back on site and ready to take over Summer 16, this time with an absolutely dumb 360 visual. Jazz Cartier best known for his major debut with “Maurading In Paradise” has had all eyes on him for his crazy hairstyles, absolutely turnt shows and latest release of Hotel Paranoia.

Adams is one of the last artists you’ll see concerning himself with the norms or standards of what rap is “meant” to be. Forever playing up on different sounds from rock to ambient edm and trap, he’s showing the world Toronto’s rap scene is more than a dark and dreary set, by mixing things up and showing the world his efforts are relentless as he dares to continue to bring something new to the table every time.
La Fleur returns with an exciting and fully interactive 360 visual which lets fans toggle through the videos composition and format their own storyline. Now it’s been a while since we’ve gotten a video this insane, but the Jon Riera directed piece is nothing short of wicked and a reminder that Jacuzzi has many tricks coming out of his sleeve this summer. Click the play button up top and take a journey with us in this chaotic visual.