One of the originals coming out of Toronto, is back at it again with another smooth single. Jimmy Prime, formerly known as Jimmy Johnson, who coined the term “the 6” long before OVO founder, Drake, got to it, has finally debuted a new single, “Pretty Girls Love Pink”. Prime who’s written about the city for years took a turn with this track from his Block Boy feels which released nearly a year ago.

“Pretty Girls Love Pink” with the same romantic notes of admiration “Faded” produced is a side of Prime which we rarely see,  upping the versatility of his work and development as an artist. This sound different to what many Prime Boys fans may be accustomed to doesn’t limit the Esplanade creative. The Grayson Jacques mixed track is a chill listen with light percussion and Prime’s airy vocals laid over top,  PGLP is juice and definitely a track to consider throwing on your vibes playlist.