Kanye West previews “TLOP” and a new Adidas Collaboration reminding us why every season is Yeezy Season.

Between a mess of passive aggressive tweets and days of renaming the highly anticipated album, “the Life of Pablo” finally previewed at Madison Square Garden February 11th alongside West’s clothing line, Yeezy Season 3.


Yeezy Season 3 launched with a surprising twist on Kanye’s original neutral toned pieces; though still a fan of solids and distressed simplicity, West opted out of his conventional nudes and earth tones for vibrant reds, greens, yellows and blues. The pieces which West previewed in their signature layered street style features a new colorway for the popular Yeezy Boost 350 and camo’d out Yeezy Boost 1050’s. Ye has promised to work on reducing the price of the growing collection with Adidas but the line still currently retails and resells from the upper hundreds to thousands.


Ian Connor in YS3

Ian Connor in YS3

Yeezy Boost 350

Yeezy Boost 350

After basking in the success of  two clothing line drops in collaboration with Adidas, Kanye West decided to finally release his seventh studio album which that pushes soul, praise and subtle hints self realization. Once having received less than favourable views for “Yeezus” for extreme usage of synth, auto-tune and electronics, it’s evident that Kanye has kept true to his heated nature but evolved as an artist incorporating vibes from some of his most popular albums prior.

A mix of heavy electronics and powerful praises backed by gospel showcase a roller-coaster of emotions and creative genius West tuned in to pull the album together over the past 3 years. With collaborations from major names such as Young Thug, Rihanna, and Frank Ocean (seriously though, only Kanye West could get Frank Ocean on an album after 4 years of hiding and holding out on us) the album is taken up few levels.

The Life of Pablo

With a track list of 18 songs, listening to TLOP in one go was rather overwhelming, but I found a way to compile my top 7 songs off the album. Play these few faves and I guarantee you’ll be on the Yeezy bandwagon.

1.”Ultralight Beam” (feat Chance the Rapper, Kirk Franklin, Kelly Price and the Dream):

It’s true what they say when they say first impressions are everything. This song is the intro to TLOP and let’s the album hit the ground running. Ultralight Beam which features major names in Gospel, Kirk Franklin and Kelly Price, preaches the truth of Kanye keeping his faith in dark times and trusting in God always. The combination of Franklin and Price’s voice is intensely powerful but the selling point comes when Chance the Rapper touches the scene and practically annihilates the song. Even if you’re not religious or a church goer, you too will feel the power of Ye’s faith through strong vocals and a beautifully composed production which combines the right amount of praise alongside toned down rhythm and poetry that embodies a bigger message.

2. “Waves” (feat Chris Brown):

There is no denying the extent of Chris Brown’s talent when you listen to Waves, this passionate piece is layered with bass that creates an out of body experience. Initially listening to the song, I completely understood why Chance the Rapper pushed for the song to be put back on the album, the sound is powerfully romantic and embodies rare feel good vibes from West’s latest production.

3.  “I Love Kanye”

Kanye is well aware that he’s no longer throwback Kanye and pushes this ideology through in his brief monologue where he acknowledges the development and change of his character as an artist with no apologies left behind, Ye states:

“I miss the sweet Kanye, chop up the beats Kanye, I gotta say at the time I’d like to meet Kanye, See I invented Kanye, it wasn’t any Kanye, Now I look around and there’s so many Kanye’s”

showcasing the number of fucks Mr. West has left to give over new Kanye haters. Though not a full length song, the piece is an answer to the age old question of whether or not Kanye West realizes who he’s become and addresses the complaints of fans who whine and gripe over the loss of old school College Dropout/Graduation Kanye.

4. “Father Stretch My Hands PT 2” (feat Desiigner):

Potentially one of the most sporadic songs in regards to composition on the album, FSMHP2 sounds exactly like what would happen is Future produced a banger with Kanye during his Flashing Lights period. The song features a sample from 18 year old Brooklyn rapper, Desiigner’s (who recently signed to G.O.O.D Music) hit “Panda”. This is one to keep on your summer 2016 playlist when you’re turning up into the late night hours.

5. “High Lights” (Feat Young Thug and the Dream):

Just another one of Kanye’s songs which makes us wonder if he has a slight obsession with Lights comes as an upbeat feel good tune featuring Young Thug and the Dream celebrating key moments in West’s life. I find it nearly impossible to not be in a great mood when I catch the vibe of this song.

6. “FML” (feat the Weeknd):

2015 was the Weeknd’s year and he’s clearly shown their will be no hesitation in dominating 2016. Tesfaye reigns over the song (Fuck My Life/For My Lady) acknowledging the hate he receives from masses but denies the necessity of their approval. This song shows a rare side of Kanye where he opens up about seeking help in times of depression and fighting to stray from temptation. FML is inarguably one of Kanye’s most honest songs on the album where he let’s us into moments of self-realization, a combination of transparency and seductive vocals from the Weeknd has put this tune on my repeat list.

7. “Wolves” [original release] (feat Frank Ocean and Caroline Shaw):

Probably one of the most talked about songs on the album currently due to the presence of Frank Ocean’s feature, Wolves is an eerie listen which thrives on some serious Bon Iver vibes. Caroline Shaw’s vocals beautifully compliment the dark nature of the production, but for those who aren’t a fan of Kanye’s old school synth/auto-tune habits this song may be a bit much to handle.


To say the least the album has evidently received high regards from fans on social media and a few critics proving that the wait has been well worth it. As of right now the only place fans can stream/download TLOP is on the Tidal platform or through West’s  website. The Chicago rapper claims that he has no plans to create copies for physical distribution of the album or sign rights over to Apple Music.