Haitian-bornLouis Celestin has paved his way in the industry by deliberately crafting crazy mixes, better known by his stage name as Kaytranada  (get it, KAY-TRAN-UH-DUH, yah pretty clever) the hip hop maestro has a long track record of working with some of the dopest faces in the game and now he’s back with an album for the summer.


The Montreal based creative has finally launched his summer album “99.9%” for download and streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. Celestin throughout the winter had premiered a number of tracks from the album to get fans ready for the project, most notably, Glowed Up feat Anderson Paak and Bus Ride in collaboration with River Tiber. The album features the likes of names such as Vic Mensa, Shay Lia, Craig David (yes, that’s right, Craig David) and more. Kaytranada plays upon his best suits chopping up his beats, combining eclectic sounds, and smooth bass; the 15 track is multifarious and will keep your ears open as you listen in to every tune giving you something new with every production. The assortment which Kaytranada continues to deliver to his works is the reason this Quebecer is so highly sought out, as fans continue to get into the good vibes and easy listening of 99.9%, Tranda has announced a few shows for the future, you can catch him this May in Toronto at the Danforth Music Hall, until then make sure you check out the feel good album.