Hailing out of the East ends of Pickering, Ontario, Kevin Oaks comes to RegalChiz as a fresh face on the pursuit of bringing an exhilarating vibe to the music industry. The Toronto based 21 year old singer and rapper has adapted his style over the years into what he describes as something which bleeds between “the lines of boom bap hip-hip with the quivering gauziness of electronic synths”.

Oaks, who once fixated on displaying his style as an emcee founded upon verse heavy raps and freestyles, has grown as a musician alongside the maturity of the day to day experiences which have shaped him wholly. Kevin’s concentration has turned to sharing the moments which have moulded him as an individual: from his relationships, to love, all the way to memories of turning up in college. As he’s gone through post secondary schooling, the “It’s Like That” rapper expanded his pallete and ventured into bringing electronic and hip hop together in the pursuit of combining his favourite genres to build a sound authentic to his nature.

Coming from Toronto where the moody and dreary vibe has become notoriously popular and signature to the city, Oaks vibe is the light in a dark room. Kevin let us know that his only goal was to push the boundaries of the music industry and show that there’s more to this city than what the eye meets, this is the inspiration for mixing multiple genres and doing what he describes as, “combining the values and principles of the traditional hip-hop roots I come from, with the energetic backbone and bounce of dance music.”

Oaks’ goal to mix the great composition of chord progression, and melodies found in modern music with the values and principles of how artists used to rap are what distinguish him from the flock of artists coming out of Toronto hoping to be heard. The 21 year old’s creative influence from 90’s rap and R&B united with his own passion for a futuristic movement engulfs his newest single “It’s Like That”.

The 3 minute and 40 second track showcases the quality of production that Oaks has been aiming for while working on something new and exciting showcase to the public. This feel good track gives the perfect disposition to close off the summer, with Oaks voice singing and rapping over this slick production you can’t help but to feel good getting into the vibe of his single. Kevin Oaks is most definitely reloaded and headed to the rap game with plenty of talent and ground to stand on, check out the exclusive RegalChiz premiere down below and be sure to keep up with K.O. on Twitter and Instagram for updates on the release of his up and coming project.