Kylie Cosmetics has been sweeping vanity tables internationally and overseas since it’s debut earlier this year. Kylie Jenner, know for her family name, at the age of 18 has begun branding herself how she knows best through fashion and beauty tips in order to distinguish herself as more than just a socialite. The California native originally launched Lipbit by Kylie with a strictly matte liquid lip collection and has now branched off into a nail polish line and glosses. The ad for Glosses lacks a bit of creativity with a standard “bad girl clique completing a heist through the dessert” theme that we’ve seen in videos such as Rihanna’s BBHMM and many other predecessors, but the execution is nearly flawless (remember, it’s not about who did it first, but who did it better). The vibrantly coloured video which could pass for it’s own music video, directed by Colin Tilley, features some familiar faces you’ve probably seen on social media such as Karin Jinsui, Jasmine Sanders, and Mara Teigen.

For a makeup ad, this brings a lot of personality and hype behind Kylie’s new venture and stands out from your generic Maybelline Ad. We have a feeling Glosses is going to be major, with only three colours set for release April 1st, Like, Literally, and So Cute are the perfect compliment to her latest collaboration with Puma for an activewear collection and sold out in a short amount of time. Stay tuned on King Kylie’s Instagram page for release/restock dates throughout April and be sure to watch the full visual up top by clicking the play button.