Louise Chantális more than just a pretty face on your timeline, the Princess of Aranbi has built a following of nearly 80,000 LCLovers who support the model, singer, songwriter as she crafts her way to the top of several industries. Louise, who began singing at a ripe age of 12 years old, shortly joined a production team to record her first EP and mixtape and from then on out knew music was her calling. Even in her youth, Chantál knew the position she wanted to take first and foremost as a singer and as she got older would find herself as one of the most cinematic and versatile songstresses coming out of New York City. In the midst of working on several campaigns and her EP, Welcome to Aranbi, Louise gave up a bit of time to let us know a bit about the magic within the world of her innovative talents.

Understanding the beauty behind creative individuality with a Louise Chantal exclusive

RC: Having followed you for quite sometime it’s impossible to throw you under one category as a talent. I’ve seen your works range from modelling, to creative direction, and singing. How would you describe yourself as an artist? Who is Louise Chantal and where did it all begin for you?

LC: Thank you for supporting me! First and foremost, I am a singer and songwriter. Music is the center of my being, but I am also passionate about Fashion, Marketing, Branding, and Entrepreneurship, as extensions of my creative career path. I see the other opportunities that I’ve been presented with as alternative channels through which I use to present the same messages I share through my music and sometimes messages that I haven’t been able to deliver in my most recent body of works. I feel as though cultivating my vision as a creative director has really tied together all of my different interests and aspirations while still being able to direct people back to my main priority, music

RC: One of the things I feel you can’t ignore is the versatility of your looks. I have yet to see a look that you can’t kill. Where do you draw inspiration for such vibrance and edge? What are some of your favourites you’ve pulled off?  (I’m currently geeking with this PYMWYMI diamond mermaid look [with thousands of other people I’m sure])

LC: Thank you so much! I think that so much of who I’ve gained the confidence to become really has to be credited to working with an amazing image consultant, David Mansion. As a teen when I met him, I had a general sense of what I wanted to be, but I still needed a lot of refinement, knowledge, and direction in order to get where I am today, in terms of presentation. He’s taught me so much about fashion and how to achieve a “polished look,” while also encouraging me to be daring, re- inventive and true to who I am as a creative. It really did take time for me to gain the confidence to not only dream, but to also pursue and execute my vision. It brings me so much joy to read that you loved the look we brought to life for the PYMWYMI cover because it took us quite some time on set that day to get that one shot. And when I showed the vision board to David for the imagery that I had in mind originally, I was definitely nervous and reaching for vision I couldn’t see. It’s so rewarding to that same vision come to life and resonate with people positively. I’m almost always most excited about the art I’m currently working on so I would have to say in response to favourite looks that I am obsessed with this transparent pink raincoat dress by Sicko Cartel. It was one of the looks we used in a promo shoot for my next single, featured on Kitty Cash’s Mixtape, called Drugs.

RC: Having music play such a pivotal role in your childhood must have had influence on the way you’ve developed as a creative. Who do you see as some of your modern day influentials?

LC: I think I’m influenced by so many different people for so many different reasons. If I am moved by anything in a song it has left an impression upon me. I really try to study and learn from great musicians that aren’t from this era, artists that have solidified their status as legends in the music industry because I’m not looking to be a trend or popular for a phase. I want longevity. But I’ve definitely found myself influenced by elements in Beyonce’s music, Rihanna, Drake, Dawn Richards, FKA Twigs, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Bryson Tiller, Solange, Janelle Monae, I really could name tons of artists that have influenced me in different ways just based off of musical elements have made me look at my art or the current state of black culture differently

RC: Are you pursuing working with anyone in the near future or would you rather continue to focus on yourself as a solo artist?

LC: I’m not pursuing anyone per say, but I am definitely open to something organic occurring. Art to connect people so I’m not opposed to collaboration at all, but my first priority is definitely my evolution and growth as a solo artist for sure.

The “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” creative has been basking in the glory of her success from the latest single and the numbers show that the internet agrees with Louise’s raw narrative. Most recently she dished out that she is in the midst of working on a visual for her LCLovers that will match the sound of the daring hit. With a number of campaigns beneath her belt from JoyRich to Matte Brand this is a face you’re guaranteed to run into on just about every relevant social media platform, Louise Chantál is not to be missed in 2016. Stay tuned on RegalChiz for updates on Louise and be sure to follow the internets favourite mermaid on Twitter for more