Anyone who knows fashion and knows fashion well, knows that Fall and Winter are the seasons which are not to be played with. Jaw dropping furs, long trenches, thigh high boots that will make you feel like conquering the world…the colder it gets the more our closets heat up.

RegalChiz favourite and trend setting boutique, Sugar Style Parlor is setting the lunar eclipse into full effect with these dangerous looks. From mustard yellow to rouge velvet tones, the brand has played upon their trademark simplicity but vamped up their inventory with looks any muse would die for.

This season, bold is better and SSP has designed something truly reflective of their lunar theme, described best as “…not for the faint at heart. This season was inspired by contrasting ideas the 1990’s bombshells and the 1960’s feminine flair. We mixed together bold and delicate elements to create a women who is more complex than previous seasons. Classic fall knits and leather jackets are accompanied by the luxury of satin and velvet materials and metallic finishes. With Selena vibes and a Twiggy attitude this collection did not come to play” on site.

Pieces such as the Diosa Mirror Shades, ‘Childsplay’ Moto Jacket and Princess Fur Lined Parka are in demand and look nothing like the items you’ll see on a clothing rack at your local major clothing store. Sugar Style has managed to hit the mark for fashion killers everywhere, with looks that stunt from the office to the function there’s no doubt any maven rocking a set from the Eclipse collection will be the talk of the town in all the right ways. Dare to up the ante and refuse to blend in with the masses by heading over to SSP’s main page to get gifted.