Fresh Face to RegalChiz, Alternative R&B singer, songwriter and rapper MAJILLA is one of a kind hailing out of the hills of Akron, Ohio. With an identity that remains a mystery to most, MAJILLA has been working on honing in her craft as she took a 6 month hiatus in anticipation of her up and coming EP, Cigs & Silence.

For MAJILLA, it’s always been quality over quantity, the much needed break has brought forward a new single which deals with her most intimate relationships and moments. Rather than taking the route of your conventional emotional R&B melodic love song, she’s tackling R&B, Soul and a bit of Trap in order to create a distinct sound rarely touched upon in the industry by female artists. MAJILLA has no problems getting real with it, with a raw and uninhibited energy that shines though this single “Down For You” poses a NSFW shock factor.

Investing in her big break is starting to show for the creative who let RegalChiz know, “the time and creative process spent on just one piece is worth so much more than people give credit to”. At RegalChiz we’re all about shining light on the talents well worth the wait, give “Down For You” a listen and be sure to follow MAJILLA on SoundCloud, Twitter, and Instagram for updates on the release of Cigs & Silence and let us know what you think of the new single on Twitter.