Leotard bodysuits left the world of dance to become a popular staple in the fashion industry years ago. Corporations such as American Apparel pushed the wave which has opened up the pathway for designers to take on an aspect of performance culture into a day to day look.

Recently founded by model and creative director, Briana Shanee, Matte Brand is becoming one of the most popular boutiques online. Matte Brand prides itself on sexiness and simplicity and their staple pieces are becoming some of the most imitated items on the web.

The Second Collection which successfully launched last year following the First Collection features an array of solid pieces which compliment versatile design from two piece sets to lengthy trench coats. Shanee’s full length body suits are being spotted on some major names (most recently Kim Kardashian) and come in a variety of styles. Though Matte is new to the industry, the corporation is making its own wave with their easily distinguishable and afforable looks, with the release of “Matte Swim” “Matte Spring/Summer 2016” coming out this week, check out some of my favourite looks from the Second Collection down below.