What she looks like, doesn’t matter, H.E.R. (which she claims stands for ‘having everything revealed’) has set aside her physical identity from the music in order to keep fans into the sound and away from the aesthetic. Oddly enough the anonymous R&B singers decision to separate herself from her image has made us even thirstier to find out just who she is.

Her debut EP, Volume 1, came as a surprise and at random to the music industry last fall, but nonetheless the execution was flawless and left us all talking once she peaked #1 on the R&B charts of iTunes last winter. Many have speculated that she may very well be long time singer Gabi Wilson, but there has been no confirmation from the artist, Alicia Keys has sent her praises and Wyclef Jean is on the conquest to track her down, but regardless of celebrity praises, the likes of H.E.R.’s talents are undeniable and leave us hungry for more. Volume 1 is as transparent as can be with a voice that leaves us feeling one on one with the artist, quick tales of past relationships and growth as a woman encompass this EP and make a perfect addition to your music library. Be sure to take a listen to Volume 1 and stay tuned on RegalChiz for updates as the singer works on Volume 2 and more details emerge.