Summer weather in Toronto is on the rise, a lot of ultralight beams and dry high temperatures have started coming through, but around this time of year, a different type of heat is making it’s debut. Mermaid or pastel colour looks are back on the scene letting us play with our aesthetic a little bit more.

Between lilac balayage and teal ombré it’s hard to pick which fit works for you, and as much as we all love Youtube, “doing it yourself” may not necessarily be the best idea when it comes to hitting the mark.  Thankfully there are plenty of specialists located in the city who have crafted the skill and turn you into a beauty coming out of high tides.

  1. ThyColourGod 

Signature: Unicorns

Monique Evans, better known as ThyColourGod in Toronto, is notorious for her ability to make just about any colour work on not only herself, but her clients as well. Often posted working with popular MUA “MsRoshPosh” (yes ladies now you know who’s been snatching Rachelle Smith’s headtop for years), Evans work has been seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers online. She’s mastered making vibrance and bright colours edgy yet elegant, if you’re thinking about getting bold this is your go to girl this summer.

2. AlliGHair

Signature: MermaidGang

Allison Griffin isn’t afraid to mix when it comes to colour, the short haired beauty knows how to mix an array of hues. From the brightest orange to the darkest purple Ali G is showing that you can put multiple tones into your tresses without looking washed out or tacky. Even with all that lifting, her looks come out with amazing lustre. This six side hair guru most definitely handles with care, so if you’re thinking about putting more than one shade into your locks, here is your go too.

3. LadiesLoveUnits

Signature: LLUnits

A flawless unit can take any look to the next level, but a flawless unit isn’t easy to craft. Toronto based hair boutique, Ladies Love Units, is on a mission to perfect wig installations and colour for women all across the city. With colours that remind us of our favourite candy and sweets, we believe a hair guru by the name of Willie B’s has mastered the ombré technique and making it his signature, LLUnits is definitely one to consider for spicing up your collection.