Desiigner‘s energy level is highly questionable and has not gone unnoticed in the public eye. The “Panda” rapper made a major breakout after being signed to Kanye West’s, G.O.O.D Music and receiving two features on The Life of Pablo which debuted in April of this year. “Panda” was an overnight success and though the few discernible lyrics were being chanted just about everywhere, new found fans of the 18 year old artist wanted to know if there would be more or if Desiigner was set to be a one hit wonder.

Just off of the release of his new mixtape, New English, Desiigner was named a part of the notable XXL’s 2016 Freshman Class which meant that he’d have a major platform to showcase his freestyle potential alongside several other features and prove his place in the rap game. The freestyle received a variety of reactions (some more hysterical than others), people speculated that the freestyle pertained to gun violence showing that Desiigner had a bigger message than a something about turning up, while others made memes about modern day spiritual hymns and speaking in tongues. Desiigner’s Freestyle was out of the norm indeed but had the internet’s grip and people listening regardless.

What everyone wanted to know was who would make a full blown track from the 45 second piece and who would do it well. It only took a few days for Chicago producer, Phoelix, to craft a 6 minute R&B, soul and jazz infused mix of the original piece and it’s sound is spreading like wildfire. In just one day the single has over 30,000 plays via Soundcloud and being shared all over platforms such as Twitter and Instagram; if you were on the fence about the original piece this rendition might have you on track with Desiigner, take a listen down below.