Toronto’s Nav happens to be the man who everybody wants to know about, but actually knows nothing about. From what he actually looks like to his full name, Nav’s entire aesthetic is somewhat of a mystery to the general public. The melodic “Myself” rapper has kept himself low key and has solely shown glimpses into his chaotic lifestyle through his music.

Late nights, heavy drug use, and sexual escapades are the basis of  the dark creatives narratives which have kept the people listening. After making waves with his single “Myself”, Nav took off and was then spotted with the likes of names such as Travis $cott and Future. Shortly after, “Up”, produced by Nav and Metro Boomin debuted, the masses began to claim that Nav’s come up had reached it’s first major peak. Now just a few months later Nav has returned with a visual for his single “Ten Toes Down” which premiered on SoundCloud in January 2016.

The feature may just be the most of what we’re going to see (visually) when it comes to Nav: glimpses of a dark silhouette panning in and out of a foggy room and long takes of a beautiful brunette who can be assumed to be his love interest make up the 4 minute clip. Nav’s eerie yet melodic vibe makes him easy to fixate on and the reserved nature of his music style and celebrity has fans waiting for more music, visuals and a potential tour. Till then, take a glimpse of the official video for TTD and follow Nav on Twitter for updates.