Generation X has really flipped what it means to Keep up With the Jones (Kardashians?? hmm). Some how some way everyone’s busy keeping up the vision that they couldn’t care less about one another while simultaneously making sure they’re one up on each other.

I guess we could say the “glo-phase” isn’t a phase at all for some, but a full blown lifestyle they never out grow. Now you might find it ironic that I’m here asking who gives a fuck who heard, did, wore or something first, but the issue isn’t who did it first but the execution and drive of why it’s so important to be “up”. Growing up I was a music junkie literally wiping out my internet history so that my mom had no idea I was listening to Nellyville and R&G: The Masterpiece on Yahoo! Music daily while simultaneously putting viruses on our desktop via Limewire just to keep myself in tune with the culture, music was healthy for me, I just enjoyed being fully immersed in an experience never fully realizing what impact it would make in my future.

When I hit junior high and high school my palette expanded more and I became hungry to discover new artists, be well versed on legends and so forth. Music was no longer fun, it became a task of “I heard it first, you’re late”, it was cool that I was in the know when it came to the faces shaping different genres but somewhere along the line I forgot to actually enjoy myself because it became a competition. Oddly enough I had a hard phase for a good year where I literally couldn’t stand listening music, silence became a symbol of peace to me where I didn’t feel the need to prove myself, unknowingly I had pulled the burden from myself of being a certified music snob.

We see the jokes, we thrive off of ripping into hypebeasts, kids who spend rent money on Yeezy boosts and fully deck themselves in nothing but Supreme and it translates into layers of our culture.  That quick sense of satisfaction that you heard “Don’t” over a year before it dropped on TrapSoul to being the only one in your friend group with a latest Creepers  is a beacon of power for some people, but let me in on a little secret for you, that emotional stiffy you get from being first, literally nobody cares about it.

Brands and influencers don’t push product to be enjoyed solely by you and though some maintain a sense of exclusivity the beauty of art and culture is it’s capacity to reach people weeks, months, sometimes years down the road and still be appreciated. Hunting for music (and other little quirks) have become a mainstay in my life and for weeks at a time I can go without being in the know and feel content streaming hits from ’09. Even as someone who lives for a proper stunt, I can acknowledge sometimes we have to learn to be comfortable with being a part of something bigger than us and hang up the towel on cutting lanes.