Toronto’s R&B scene is bustling with the sound of focused voices and consistent effort. It’s not only major names such as DVSN and Majid Jordan who are making a hard hitting impact through the 6 ends. The underground R&B scene which has moved from keeping it’s best artists low key, to being highly publicized, is shining light on independents hoping to make a break into the industry.

Artists such as 11:11 have been showing face and letting their sound be heard beyond the boroughs. The young R&B creative sticks to a simplistic appeal and let’s his music make a lasting impact. 9 months ago, 11:11 dropped his self titled EP which has surpassed over a million plays on the Cloud and received some high regards from some of your favourite music outlets. The 7 track listen is an emotional roller-coaster of ups and downs in romance, with its effortless production quality, 11:11 will hold your attention all the way through. 11:11’s sound speaks for itself and is one to keep on your radar in up and coming months, be sure to follow the creator for updates on his next project and watch him live at the Mod Club August 19th opening for Sauga city’s RamRiddlz.