6LACK, pronounced “black“, is the moody artist Atlanta has been waiting for. The “PRBLMS” creator has been making waves on forums for the dreary single after a crucial drop by Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio months ago. The agonizing yet soul filled track speaks on the Georgia singers failed relationship and every cue which lead to a love lost.

A former Valdosa State University student, 6LACK claims to have fled school in hopes of pursuing his musical career under a major artist. Unfortunately like many independent artists signing to major labels, 6LACK felt forced to conform to the norms of major industry standards, funnelling out “hits” rather than content which interested him. “…. I chose to sit in that cage and not release any of the music they forced me to make. They wanted me to just be a hit song and I wanted to show them I was more than that” he states on his main site.

Five years later finally tasting freedom from his former label, the young creative has not only gripped the webs attention but signed to LVRN (LoveRenaissance) where he’s able to push out the sound he’s always known would work for him and he desired. 6LACK’s open ended temperamental sound speaks nothing to the quality of his compositions, though the emotion filled singles floating through his SoundCloud might take you on a dark roller coaster, these tracks are nothing short of rich when it comes to production. With a set video release date (October 15th) for the viral single and an album on the way, PRBLMS may be the initial track in putting 6LACK on which means we can only expect bigger and better to come in 2016.