The habitual sound coming out of the mainstream Toronto rap game is fairly dark and dreary and caters to a demographic that loves a moody vibe. Names such as Nav and Lais are peaking with a fan base that loves dark twists and confessions of late nights some would think were pulled from a movie. Artists such as Friyie have decided to take another direction and bring forward a forgotten vibe as they pursue TO’s rap scene.

Friyie, who’s currently working on his EP, Est. 94, has been working on building his track record and in 2014 released the pre-tape to Est.94 which was featured on Bandcamp. The rapper’s sound has evolved over some time and his new single “Come and Get it” produced by TwoTone puts a softer edge on the hard rapper. If this jazzy rap track is any indication of what’s to come for Est. 94, it may be safe to say that Friyie is coming back with something a lot more versatile than expected. His effortless flow over a borderline gospel rap track makes it easy to keep the 4 minute track on replay. You can follow Friyie on Soundcloud and hear a list of his previous productions in preparation for Est. 94 now.