Shake070, better known as “Shake”, is a Jersey Native who’s currently holding the internet by the balls. The “No Enemies” artist is hard to throw into a single genre with a style that fluidly passes through a number of other pools.

Recently endorsed by marketing/PR maven, YesJulz, Shake has gained some serious exposure and been seen producing and touring with some other up and coming artists such as Amir Obè and Sonny Digital who’ve been featured a number of times on RegalChiz. Shake’s tomboy aesthetic is complimented by soft, yet emotionally driven vocals make and make for a surprisingly addictive listen. We’ve had a few of her songs on repeat since she stumbled onto our Soundcloud cue, with a strong marketing team and more than enough talent behind her we’re sure Shake is going to be working with some of your faves and on the map in  no time.