You may know him as “beatsbynav” or navrajbeats but the Torontonian producer and rapper has been discretely slipping into the industry with a number of slow leaning tracks. With no trace of an EP or mixtape let alone any interviews online (and we can bet tons of media outlets have stretched their hands out for some Q&A time with the Fell In Love writer), Nav is proving that less is more and letting his music do the talking. With several features on OVO sound radio, the buzz has been growing from the grace of his substance infused open ended tracks which are undeniably an easy listen. Even though his SoundCloud has garnered him plenty of attention, the creative who’s made himself known as a King Kylie fan has recently been spotted on the lip kit creators SnapChat several times which may have a little to do with his growing fan base. Not one for the hype, Nav is keeping it low key with flashy visuals on social media and focused on the music, one of the few artists in the 6 who’s learned how to make the dark and dreary work for him, we hope to not only see but hear more of him this summer.