Toronto based online boutique, CokeChanelNo6, headed by designer Shanika Grant, has been making a name for itself via Instagram where the brand operates. Grant started up the company just a few years ago and consumers have seen the company grow through a number of CokeChanelNo6 collections from the Baby Girl Collection to CKCHSwim.

Grant, who’s only in her early 20’s, is competing with some of Toronto’s best custom designers. The hand made pieces have grown significantly and maintain a wide range from street wear, baby doll pieces, simplistic yet sexy two piece swimsuits and the perfect dresses for a night out. The creative not only stays up to date with fashion creating her own trends, but has also begun a Youtube channel centred around beauty regiments. With a fan and consumer base that’s consistently growing let’s hope to see more from CokeChanelNo6 in the fashion industry.