Vibrance, edge, heart and versatility are just a few words to describe Toronto hotspot “The Store On Queen“. This boutique lands in the QS West district and has made a name for itself by the persistence of fashion queens Valentina and Angela, you may better know them as Wife and Hubby via Instagram.

The location opened in early 2012 and since then has branched off into a narrative of its own. Vava and Ang have curated a story and experience for buyers to be a part of, TSOQ is more than just a place where you walk in and out of after gazing through generic items. The wide range of pieces from kimonos, to jumpsuits, all the way to lingerie sets are nearly impossible to resist and there’s a little bit of something for everyone who knows anything about spicing up their wardrobe. TSOQ even recently added pieces from the high demand Kendall and Kylie collection just this winter season for us Canadian girls.

It’s hard not to obsess over the boutique and it’s owners style when you take a peak at the social media platforms TSOQ has built over the past 4 years. Vava and Ang seem to do almost everything, from preaching positivity to motivating their viewers to chase their dreams and mainly giving women (and men) a glimpse into the enticingly lavish lifestyle they’ve earned for themselves. The crazy trips taken together to highly anticipated parties hosted by the duo make you wish you were a part of the experience. TSOQ has yet to slow down the momentum and continue to mould a world of their own, we’re completely entranced by this royal fam, head over to their Instagram account for sneak peaks at items in store/online and we’re sure you will be too.