It appears that the OVO family has welcomed a new member(s?) to their family unit. DVSN a Toronto R&B based group has released several mixes and songs prior within their Soundcloud page. With heavy hints of 90’s R&B, the group which is assumed to be comprised of producer Nineteen85 and singer Daniel Daley is reviving a sound which seemed to be long gone. OVO40 has hinted at the the signing via Instagram and Nineteen85 has cryptically tweeted about “the line with two dots” causing speculation that he is a member of DVSN (pronounced division).


For now the unit remains low key in regards to stating their identity and are utilizing mystery and anonymity to let their music do their talking. Even though we still have no idea who they may be the good news is more music coming out of the city and a different sound from the OVO family, stay tuned for updates on the grouping.