Giving back has never looked this good before with the likes of major Canadian clothing label Peace Collective.

This is one brand which takes what being Canadian means to knew heights. Peace Collective not only works as a trendy clothing staple but as as a philanthropy based organization working towards a number of causes benefiting the Canadian community. To start with, every clothing garments sold on the PC platform donates 4 dollars to “Breakfast for Learning” which helps feed children in need with 2 meals and snacks. Peace Collective is all about moving forward and volunteering within the community as well, it’s not a rare occurrence for the organization to donate their own clothing to a number of other organizations and charities in times of need.

New age hippe Yanal Dhailieh, has founded something special for the city and with such clean cut and trendy pieces, Peace Collective makes it easy to give back and help end poverty and child hunger. Their signature “Home is Canada” and “Toronto VS Everybody” collections have been spotted on some big names in the city and continue to be a growing movement for the 6 side.