Posty made his wave on the web in 2015 upon the debut of “White Iverson. The song which had everyone singing melodies in tribute of the retired 76ers ball legend was a summer favourite and made Austin Post an instant hit.

It wouldn’t be long before new found and old fans started to see the Dallas raised artist with some major names rumouring potential future collaborations. As of late, Malone has been touring with infamous “Sorry” singer and Canuck, Justin Bieber for the Purpose Tour. The duo who consider each other basically blood have become some favourites in the North American music scene and the sold out Purpose Tour has come to prove that. Though he kept it very low key, Post indicated hints of a potential project release over social media here and there in between small shows for those who were paying close attention.

Now fans have August 26th which is a must hear 10 track mixtape for the young at heart. Since we had little to go off of from the 20 year old, August 26th has set the tone for the potential Post has as an artist. With features from notable names such as 2Chainz, Jeremih, Jaden Smith, Lil Yachty and more and such versatile production, Malone has made this mixtape a contender for some of the best songs for summer 16. What makes the creative stand out from many new faces breaking onto the scene is his ability to rap, sing and heavily mix genres in every song.

Though Malone dares to play with different sounds, mixing genres such as country, blues, rap, and rock can be a difficult fit, August 26th looses it’s footing and lustre at times as the album becomes choppy and seemingly distorted on certain tracks. As an initial debut, Post may be holding out on a gold mine of music from his fans and is still learning the art of fluidity as he grows in the industry. With that being said, each track moulds it’s own vibe upon delivery and certain songs such as “Git Wit U” and “Lonely”  will remind fans why they’ve waited this long for a release and that versatility is exactly what makes Malone a refreshing competitor in the field; August 26th has a little something for everyone and you can stream it on site now.