Probably Raymond isn’t here to trap out of his basement for you, has no time to be dreary and morbid on a rainy day and definitely isn’t here to brag about whipping foreigns. The 19 year old rapper hailing out of Toronto is on to something refreshingly positive in sharing the stories of his journey in becoming a worldly traveller doing what he loves the most through the influence of the many people around him with what he describes as Highly Animated Sound.

After two mixtape drops, “Just Being Honest” comes as the cobblestone driveway into an estate of free thought and self realization. He describes the inspiration of the 9 track EP as the vehicle that helped him moved away from all the noise and finally become honest with himself and his goals. “Just being honest is for everyone afraid of admitting they can do something in order to make other people feel equal, feel okay with being themselves. It’s for everyone who’s not really trying to be cool, they’re just trying to be a friend” he shared with us.

This album is all about the depth of projecting who he aims to be in the future from experiences of his past. PR gives insight to a multitude of moods where “Just Being Honest” strays away from the recently established dark sound coming out of Toronto backed by a medley of producers from Belgium, to Australia, all the way down to Missouri who bring something different to the table on every single. The EP has a variety of feel good vibes within the sincere narrative and can’t be confined to a single genre.

“Just Being Honest” isn’t a trap album or some “typical” basement rap project, for 2 years the production of this project has been under construction the I’m Sorry creator recalls, from trekking two hours by foot through the cold winter to get to the studio to late nights mixing the same song until it was drilled in his head, Ray describes the goal of this project was to emulate “a celebration of me finally being honest with myself, and everyone around me”. The strong dynamic of celebrating individuality and taking things back to simply enjoying music making separate Raymond from being conventional and put him on the RegalChiz radar for more to come in the future. Give the first single I’m Sorry feat Shiloh a listen down below and follow Raymond on SoundCloud for more updates.

“Just Being Honest” Tracklist

  1. Fuego (p.Young Taylor)
  2. I’m Sorry ft. Shiloh (p. Swell)
  3. Wonya’s Interlude (p. Wonya Love)
  4. My Side (p. Akihabara)
  5. Shorty ft. Park (p.Young Taylor)
  6. Mango Nectar (p. Nor’ledges)
  7. Ballin Nigga Interlude – Traviebased
  8. Autumn Leaves (p.TMB)
  9. Paris (p.TMB)

Producer Credits:

Swell (Australia), Wonya (Cali), Akihabara (Missouri), TMB (Belgium), Young Taylor (Germany), Nor’ Ledges (Michigan)